Beta 0.3 Update

Hey it's me here again, and Beta 0.3 is available for download (by the time you are reading this I might also uploaded the windows patch)!

There isn't a main update to the game, but I have improved the current game and made it more enjoyable.

Here's a brief of what I've changed during this update:

  • A complete customization page (which as you've seen in the previous versions are (soon), 2 skins including Green and Pinkred is added), they can be purchased through credits you earn in game.  But you can always switch them back!
  • A credit system! You can earn them in Endless mode by destroying red cubes, or completing levels you haven't complete before.
  • Endless mode improved! You won't be seeing random difficulty drops,  or opponents not spawning enough. Here's an equation: Difficulty Level + 2 = Number of Red Cubes.
  • Graphic MAJOR update! Unity's graphic is already beautiful, but with the new Post-Processing effects added, the graphic is brought to another level! You now can get cool effects like Motion-Blur, Bloom, and way more. 
  • Now lights can all be rendered! No glitching!
  • Cool Sound effects! Even though I can't finish the music on time (soon), I added some cool UI sound effects(they will also be improved later).
  • Option menu updated, you can disable that music now! Also the Post-Processing (it's on forever in Fantastic Mode).
  • Red spheres can pop, rather than just disappearing after 3 seconds (originally 5 seconds), now you can see them being poisoned (orange), then blew up with some cool particle effects that includes collision.
  • Other minor bugs are fixed, you should have smoother gameplay.
  • Added Portals in 2 levels, they are still in prototype.
  • Brand New Logo! Look wayyyy better!

That's almost everything, but yes I will talk about what I am going to do later on the development process.

CubeKiller Beta 0.4 will be focusing on the Story and Stages (stage 2). I will redo the cutscenes as real time rather than some lazy videos (which the second cutscene still lags out). Not all the levels will be the same as "eliminate the enemies" and I will balance it so it won't be too hard. Some interesting levels will be to destroy this, then disable that, then eliminate those, then...

Watch out for further updates announced here and the News page, I will be remaking some levels too (because all of them are too similar in terms of objective and gameplay).

Thank you!


CubeKiller Beta 116 MB
17 days ago
CubeKiller Beta 121 MB
17 days ago

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