The Endless update !

As you can see from the screenshot, a lot of new features were added.

Endless mode is based on a random world generation (don't worry, codes are made to prevent enemies from spawning inside or on an obstacle )

You have one health bar, it does not reset to full health when you go to the next difficulty.

You can quit and revisit, as long as you don't die, your stats will be loaded from previous gameplay.

Endless Mode 's enemies are currently only limited with red cubes, they increase with the difficulty level. More boss will be added.

Woah! New splash screen !?

Yes, CubeKiller's engine has been upgraded to Unity 2017, because of requirements of AI Generation and Navigation System. Mac would be laggy to 25 frames per second, but don't worry, the next update will focus on debugging, improving performance.

Last pic for the day !


CubeKiller Beta 119 MB
16 days ago

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