A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Welcome to Shoreline - A game created by Jingcheng Yang

This game is in an early Development stage, this is a very early version that will be developed and improved through out time.

If you are someone who enjoy single-player RTS that focuses on small scale battles and more of strategy, this is the right game for you! 

Command and lead your troops, fight through the sandy shores, capture points, defend, attack, Shoreline offers a simple but fun, different RTS experience.


Vehicle Bay! You can have more than one tank !

Some cool new preview icons rendered with additional softwares, I will render them for the other buildings too soon.

You enjoy building resource collectors while the enemy can't? Well from now on they can build and manage resources as good as you! Your buildings are now limited to 120 units square around your capture point, the enemy also can sabotage your buildings when they come close, so watch out ! Additional tweaks to Nightmode, it should look very "nightish" with the cool Volumetric light.

Graphic Device has been changed to OpenGLCore for support with MacOS Mojave and color correction problems, tell me if you experience any additional lag.

Landing Boat do not return to designated positions

Pathfinding errors.

Shoreline has 1 game mode currently:

  • Each team starts with a spawn point, where there are other neutral points on the map awaits to be captured.
  • There will be a target score, every second you will earn one point for each of your capture points, so does the enemy, first to reach the target wins.
  • To capture a point, simply order your units near the point, which the point will medianly switch to your team's spawn point
  • Each point will spawn units, however the amount spawned will depend, if you reach the limit which you can configure when starting a match, it will not spawn, otherwise each capture point will spawn the equal amount of units depending on the amount of units you can spawn left.
  • Units have 30 ammo, they will reload , then continue to shoot, the storage is 200, after that you can order them to go near to resupply crates where they will resupply their ammo.
  • You can order your units anywhere in the map, they will stay where you ordered them, the enemy team will continue to attack any capture point not theirs, and they come randomly so watch out!
  • You can build buildings such as forts or resource collectors around you capture point, or carry out tactical bombing strikes.


WASD to move, or dragging your mouse to the edge of the screen.

Scroll to zoom in and out, Press Shift (both sides) to move faster.

The camera will not go outside of the map.

Drag to select units, if they do not have an order, you place your mouse on the place you want them to go and press to send the order. However, if they have an existing order, it will show first, click once to assign a new target then click again to send the order.

The ammo bar that shows an ammo storage can be configured to show all times, or only shown when selected. Ammo animations will show to indicate the state of the ammo, rotating = reloading, appearing and dissipating = resupply, blinking = no ammo, and if it doesn't show up, that means your unit is loaded with ammo.

Things to look forward soon:

  • OPERATIONS(gonna talk more soon)
  • Amphibious Armed Vehicles
  • Battleships!
  • More ground defenses(barbed wires, tank traps)
  • New maps, game modes 
  • More specialized Infantries (Gunner, Medic, RPG, Sniper)
  • Customizable units (weapon load outs, tech research etc)
  • More tactical supports (Artilleries)
  • New buildings (Research labs)
  • Weapon LoadOut Support

But these are only things that will be added in the next few updates, I will announce more as the game develops, I hope you enjoy the game now!

Jingcheng Yang.

Install instructions

If you are on mac, the system will require you to go to System&Preference > Security and click Open it anyways


Shoreline Beta2 103 MB
Shoreline Beta2 109 MB

Development log